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It's time to make rosary!!  We are excited about it!!  Yes, it's that time again!  Only once a month, it's all we ask of our faithful and loyal rosary makers, make rosary once a month! it's not too much to ask.

Everyone is always so busy.  Many people have been so blessed over and over again, and yet, many times, many of us became too busy to give back.  Come! Join us! Make a difference!  Make a rosary, pray, and give it to someone.  It's not too much to do.

RSVP now and join us at our office if you can or make it at your convenience, time and place.  Either way, join us and make rosary! 

More Gift: Send us your picture or simply upload your picture of the rosary that you've made to our Meetup group and we'll send you the special picture of our Mother Mary.  It's the size of a business card, and it is laminated!!  It is strong and durable.  It's yours for free.  Just upload a picture of the rosary that you've made.  Send us a self-addressed stamped envelope.  We will put the card in your postage paid self-address envelope.

See you on Rosary Makers Day!!


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