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Throughout time, I received emails and phone calls from people asking me to pray for them.  Here, we go, a Prayer Corner for those who need a prayer from those who pray.  If you're praying today, please add these requests in your prayer.  If you are one of those who ask for prayers and your prayer has been answered, please send us an email and let us know.  We all need to help one another, one way or another.  Prayer is free.  Pray for those in neeed.  Thank you.

"We have tried to sell our home for 2 plus years.Husband needs a job. In Nov I had to go into the hospital for an operation. Now I have over 7 thousand dollars in medical. I have no money .We don't qualify for anything. We are borrowing money from family. If you know of or can help us .Thanks for your time. Don't know what else to do. Not a good time of yr for us. Thanks"  From: N.12-7-11




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Fixing the Rosaries

We fix broken rosary. 

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