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Update: August 3, 2015

This video here is Joyful Mysteries. For more rosary praying, click here for the list and choices (with Dana singing before and after each decade, or simply just praying).

This is a very special time.  Pray.

I posted a thank you message by this video on YouTube, but system was having issues, so I post it here.

To our followers who pray the Rosary on this video...

Thank you.  I have embedded this video on my for our followers, who might have not known about this video, to know it and to pray.  Thanks again for praying and sharing your prayers.  Imagine, every one spend half an hour of their busy day praying... this video can encourage that.  Thanks again.

I sat here, by my computer, since 9 AM this morning, busy catching up on my work.  It is now 12:39pm.  Where has the time gone?  See, the clock doesn't slow down for us.  We have to slow down for time, for our time is flying by so fast because we're running around taking care of so many tons of things.  We need to stop, pause and pray.  During this 30 minutes, you will feel a sense of peace, a quiet peace that you do not get from running around. 

Pray daily.  It makes a big difference for you and your day, especially for those around us.  Pause and contemplate, earliest possible in the morning, when you first awake, before you start on any chores that keep you running all day; stop and pray.

All our Lord asks of us is one hour a day.  Since many of us are so busy that we cannot give that one hour a day, then do at least half.  Give your busy day half an hour of quiet time and pray.  It brings peace and quietness to your noisy world around you.  Feel the presence of the LORD through prayer in quiet time. 

Let the Lord know what's in your heart, what's in your thoughts.  Share with the Lord the questions and comments about anything and anyone in your time of prayer. 

Pray.  Thank you for reading.


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