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I have  their cassette tape since 1998 when a friend gave me a copy of it.  I listen to it all the time. It has all three mysteries. As time goes by, I learned that they have a copy of it on CD.  I search online and found Dana's site at that time.  I got so excited, I bought the CD with the three mysteries and the songbook.  I love it.  I pray and sing everytime.

When the 4th mysteries were introduced, there was no way to get it from Dana and Ft. Kevin Scallon at that time.

However, this weekend, I was searching online and I found the CD with all four mysteries on Amazon. 

Furthermore, I found someone uploaded the whole CD, one set of mysteries per video on YouTube.

I am grateful and thankful.  Here they are.  You can click on the link below for the mysteries you want on the day of he week you need to pray them.

Here's a copy from Amazon if you're interested to learn more about this CD.


Pray the Rosary of Healing with Dana and Father Kevin Scallon, click here.



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We fix broken rosary. 

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