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 I cantor this Sunday. 

July 17, the 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time
G: Gather Us In/GATHER 744
Glory to God: A Joyful Gloria/M-27
Psalm 103: The Lord is Kind and Merciful/GATHER 100
Gosp Accl: Alleluia, Raise the Gospel/M-21
P: Instrumental – Piano’s Choice
Acclamations: Mass of the Angels & Saints/M-25
Lamb of God: Mass of the Angels & Saints/M-25
C1: Look Beyond/GATHER 843
C2: The Cry of the Poor/GATHER 48

This choir, wherever they are, is a beautiful choir.  The sang this song just the way it should be sang!  A woman with a baby in her arm and all sang together beautifully. 


S:    We Are Called/GATHER 718


 ** Mass of Angels and Saints (click to listen on YouTube)




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We fix broken rosary. 

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