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I sang this song with our choir back in 1999 and a couple of times after that, whenever the Sunday reading comes up to the story of the man born blind, but was healed by Jesus.  The words touched my heart for years.  However, this song was not picked by our other new music director for eight years, until now.  Our new (actually old, 28 years ago, she started this choir, moved on, came back, gone again for other reason, and now, back again to stay!) music director is picking this song to be sung this Sunday, April 3rd, 2011,  I prayed for years to sing this song again.  Guess what, I am selected to cantor this song this Sunday, April 3rd!  Oh, Lord, I pray that I do a great job sing it for You! After waited 8 years and prayed every year to sing it again.   

Listen to the words.

It is a very beautiful song. Enjoy it!

 Song: He Healed The Darkness of My Mind

Text: John 9; Fred Pratt Green, b.1903, (c) 1982, Hope Publishing Co.

Tune: ARLINGTON, LM; David Hass, b.1957, (c) 1988, GIA Publishing, Inc.



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