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Yes, it's true that a thousand times we failed, still the Mercy of our Lord is with us.  And yes, though we stumbled again and again, still, His grace catches us.  It's a beautiful song.  So happy to have the opportunity to sing it.  We sung it on the 4th Sunday of Lent.  Here's a copy on YouTube.  Enjoy!

Bilingual - From the inside Out (Desde mi Interior) - with Subtitles

Joel Houston sings 'From The Inside Out' featured on the DVD 'The I-HEART Revolution: With Hearts As One'. 

A few of  my favorite versions of this song are...


The lyric to this wonderufl song written on this YouTube video:


This song sung in Spanish, with the audience singing out to the Lord.




Christmas Miracles

Fixing the Rosaries

We fix broken rosary. 

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