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Every month for the past several years, we've been making rosary on the 1st of each month. Here, on November 1st, the All Saints Day, we are making our rosary again.  Make it.  Pray with it.  And give it to someone in need.  Feel free to email us a picture of your rosary.  If you like, upload it to our group here.  Let us know if you like to have your rosary picture and/or story be posted here.

You might not think it matters to anyone at all, but you'll be surprise how many people out there appreciate your effort.  Keep praying.  Keep making your rosary.  Keep giving them out to those in need of a rosary. 

You are welcome to make your rosary at any time of the day.  Just make at least one rosary.  Pray with it.  And make a difference in someone's life and give the rosary to someone in need of it.



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