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we formed a new Meetup event for our Rosary makers. The first of the month is here so it's time to make our rosary once a month, as we always do. I've selected 11am because the system requires us to have a time posted in order to create the event for us.


You can make your rosary anytime of the month, as many times as you wish. You make it at the leisure of your own time, at your own home or meet up with some friends, or with me, locally here in Flower Mound, Texas if you wish.


None the less, make your rosary once a month or as many times each month as you wish. After I make my rosary, I pray, take a picture of it, bring it to our local church and place it in the chapel or give it to a friend or someone we know would appreciate it. You can see the pictures of the rosaries, different every time, here on this website dedicated to our Lady.


All I pray for from our All Rosary Makers group here is to have your commitment to our group, make a rosary, at least once a month. You are welcome to post the pictures of the rosary that you've made, the stories, or even your questions on our message board here or email me the questions. Either way, I just wish you all to see the wonders of making and praying your rosary. It is peaceful and full of wonders.


Thank you for your time and your commitment.


This site  "" is dedicated to keep up the stories of our All Rosary Makers and the resources for the supplies we use.



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