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Announcing a new Meetup for All Rosary Makers!

What: December 1st Monthly All Rosary Makers Make Rosary Together  


When: Wednesday, December 1, 2010 11:30 AM

Where: DFW Business Network Office
Address: old address

Come celebrate this wonderful Advent season with us in making rosary, in giving thanks for our new office, and to celebrate the coming Christmas season together on this day, December 1st Wednesday, from 11:30am-1pm.


Yes, we have our new office location in Las Colinas, Irving, Texas, for our monthly - 1st day of the month - for our All Rosary Makers Meetup group to make rosary.  We will be making rosary at our quiet office, in a professional environment, in giving thanks and praise through making our rosary once a month together.

If you are in the Dallas / Ft. Worth areas in Texas, and would like to take a break once a month, in making rosary quietly with us, please RSVP and come join us.

Bring your supplies with you.  We also have extra materials if you need them to make your rosary.  No experience necessary. We will teach you.

Please feel free to upload your pictures of the rosaries that you have made.  

Also, our office can fit 3 more people.  If more RSVP is needed, we can secure a conference room of up to 15 people.  Also, there will be a $5 parking fee from the building management when you come to our office.  It's worth it once a month.

For those of you who are far and can't travel to meet with us, but wish to make rosary, you can do so at the convenience of your home and time.   Still, you can upload and share the photos of the rosaries that you have made or the ones you collected.


All Rosary Makers Meetup Group
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Updates: Bernadette is coming to our office on Wednesday with two guests to learn to do the rosary. I booked the conference room for this month. So, if any one interested to come and learn, you are welcome. We can fit up to 10 to 15 max in the conference room. Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday, Dec. 1st.


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