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I decided, I'll blog more about our rosary everyday!  It can be a picture blog, a video blog, a prayer, blog, or simply sharing yet another new rosary that we just made; whatever it is, we will share our passion of our rosary, more often than ever before.

It's amazing how our Lord Jesus and our Holy Mother call our attention to their calling, remind us of our faith and service to the Lord, in what He has assigned to us to do.  For me, singing and making rosary are my share of giving back.

This past weekend, I was called to the attention that I need to do more for our Rosary site.  Nice to know that I need to do more and yes I did.

After church yesterday, I spent the remainder of the whole Sunday cleaning up this site and keeping only what this site is for; make rosary!

Stay tuned for more to come from our All Rosary Makers site!!

Welcome 2013!  Thank You Lord for waking me up to my duty on this site.

Thank you!



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