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Notice I didn't say in the title, June 1st.  My original intent was to make my rosary once a month on the 1st of each month.  However, I got extremely busy this month (no excuse, I know).  On the 3rd of this month, I noticed, the things that I was busy trying to accomplish kept running into road blocks.  Every time I was almost there reaching my goal, I was blocked by this and that.  I was so busy trying to get things done, whatever it was that I needed to get done, no matter what, I was still not able to get it completed because of road blocks.  My projects kept getting delayed and my progress kept getting side tracked.  I was getting closer and closer to my deadline every day. 


I finally turned around and said to my husband.  "I think it's because I put off making the rosary."  I took a deep breath, knowing that every moment that I was away from my project, I was further away from getting it done on time.  But I took one chance, believe it or not, I had to give it a try.  So, I got up, took a chance, and went to get all my rosary making materials.  I sat down and started making my rosary.


"Ding." I heard my computer rang a note.  That was the sound of an email coming through my Outlook.  I wondered if it was the answer I was looking for to complete my project.  So I ran to the computer, in the middle of making the rosary.


Yes!  It was the answer I was looking for, however, the email message came with a question, "But... " the client asked, and that held off my project again.  I replied to the question right away and ran back to finish my rosary.


Finally, I made my rosary for June.  Then, I heard another "Ding.:"  I took a deep breath and went back to my computer.  This time, I saw the answer I was looking for that fulfilled my request to complete the task that I was trying to accomplished.  I made it! 


I went into the room, held the rosary that I made and prayed the rosary completely.  I then put it in my pocket book.  I have to give it away to someone, someone special.  I didn't know who to give the rosary to at that time.  So, I thought of bringing it to the chapel and placing it in Mother's hand.


Next day, June 4th, first Friday of the month, I went by the church, to prepare for the materials needed to sing the First Friday Noon Mass for the First Friday Choir.  It was my first time preparing the music for the First Friday Choir because my friend who was running the First Friday music for the choir got hired for a new job (Thank You, God!). 


I knelt by Mother in the garden and prayed.  I thanked our Lord for his kindness and support.  I thanked the Lord for his patience with me.  I thanked the Lord for giving me a chance and time to finish and to keep my promise making the rosary, the promise I made to the Lord on the 1st day of this year, 2010 in January.  I promised to make a rosary on the first of each month, pray and give it away to someone. 


I did well, until June 1st, I got busy.  I had deadlines to meet.  I had demands on me left and right. I had to get them all done.  Unkind people were saying mean things, strangely mean things to me, several people that I trusted so much, one of whom is a Christian women in leadership.  They all were tied with cash and did not pay for the work I did. 


I took a deep breath and tried to understand.  I must.  I'm a Christian.  I must think with understanding and forgiveness in my heart.  I took a deep breath and moved on.  I leave them in God's hands.  Still, like anyone else, I had my demands that I have to meet.  I had deadlines to meet.  I didn't even go to sleep for a few nights, so I can complete my tasks and meet the demands from all those people.  And, I put off making the rosary. I'm sorry, Lord. Thank You for your forgiveness.


Well, interestingly, looking back, even though I was busy, I got up, got to my rosary making materials.  Got them spread out across the tray on the table.  The first "Ding" came through my computer.  It was the half of the answer that I needed.  I went back to the table and continued making my rosary, finished it and the next "Ding" came through.  I looked, as I finished my rosary.  It was the last 1/2 of my answer that I was looking for.  The final piece of the puzzle that I was waiting so long for during those three days, finally arrived as I finished my rosary.


Dear Lord, I'm sorry that I put You off to the side, when I should have kept my promise, as You kept yours every time.  Thank You for kindness, guidance and forgiving me.


The rosary that I made was a medium size 4mm white beads for Hail Mary and next size beads for Our Father.  All were white beads, except the center piece.  It was a silver rose and the cross is a small crucifix made out of pewter, which I paid a $1 for each pewter crucifix several years ago.  I had to buy a batch of 65 crucifix crosses in a batch, so I did.  So glad I did.


Next day, on June 4th, at the church office, our Monsignor passed by me with a newspaper in his hand talking about something to the person at the reception desk.  The small voice in my heart said, 'Give it to Monsignor."  I thought to myself, "Na, he's not going to like it.  It's a homemade rosary and it's not the best looking rosary.  Na, I don't think so."


"Give it to him."  the small voice in my heart repeated softly.  So, I went up to Monsignor,


"Hi Monsignor, can I give this to you?"  I handed the rosary to him and placed it in his palm.  I looked at the rosary and was hoping Monsignor liked it.


"Wow, it's beautiful!" Monsignor said.  With joy I was surprised, "It is. Thank you."  I was happy.  Monsignor kept looking at it with a admiring smile and still gazed at the rosary.  He then turned to me, looked and said, "Thank you."


"Oh sure, you're welcome.  Pray with it." and I moved on to do my task that I was set out to do in the office.


Two days later, at the Sunday mass.  Monsignor announced that this is his 45 anniversary as a priest.  And that same time next year, he will be retiring and will be moving on to other ministries.


Oh Lord, I understand now, why he was gazing at the rosary.  It was intended for him.   Thank you, Lord, for Your miracle of love and guidance.  Please, dear Lord, let me not worry what people might say or think, but go forth and share the Good News with the world.


Thank you.


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