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This Christmas a month ago, we sang beautifully, especially on one of the songs.  I recorded myself so I can hear myself, critic and feedback for self improvement.  Was never intended to record to sell or to market the beautiful voices of the choir or the music.

When I listened to my recording, oh Lord, that one particular piece was so beautifully sang by the wonderful choir on Christmas Eve, I wanted to share it with my friends.  I want to protect the church for in case whatever. So, I uploaded the recording online without mentioning the church or the name of the choir where the piece was recorded from. 

While I was listening to it, I realized, I need something to go with it, like a picture or video or something.  After all, it is a video format on YouTube.  What should I use?  Flowers?  I have many of those images.  Hmm... but it is December... it won't look right.  What else?  A video?  Do I have any video that I can use?  My own?  Something I've recorded?  And while I was thinking of all these in a matter of seconds, it came to me, "The picture" of Mother Mary that I dearly loved.  Ah!!  Yes!  Perfect!  No copyright issues, that is my picture!  It is in the dark, so no one can make up an issue, I think.  

Perfect, so I added the picture and some transition to the video and the music, all together it was beautiful.

I enjoyed it so very much every time I listen to it, while I'm watch my favorite picture spinning in and out of the video screen. 

Done, I thought.  Well done. I was happy and thankful to the Lord.

Then a couple of weeks later, I was told that one of my Facebook Friends pointed the video out to him and that I need to take it off.  Nicely, wasn't any unpleasant way of telling me.  I smiled and said, sure, I'll take it off.  And so I did.  I replaced it with a video from YouTube with another choir singing the same song.  Beautiful.

I prayed and in my prayer, I asked, "Lord," I asked, "why is it so hard to find true love in people's heart for You?"

I continue, "Why people say they love You and yet, they do otherwise?"

I went on, "How can I share my love of You with this one site that I built for the passion of my love for my Holy Mother and my Lord Jesus?"

There, the answer came, "Daily Reading."

Just like that.  Simple as that.  Calm and quietly came in my heart and that was it.

There, I am putting the daily reading on our site here, for those who like to read and those who like to listen.





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