Midnight Mass 2012, Celebrated at St. Patrick's Cathedral of New York, First Midnight Mass with Archbishop Dolan

Midnight Mass 2012 at my most favorite church of all time!!  St. Patrick Cathedral of New York, located in New York City!!   Enjoy!  The music is fantastic!  O Holy Night!  What a beautiful song sung by a beautiful voice!  Awesome!!

Sisters of St. Paul Singing For Sr. Naz

Thank You God for Answering My Prayer

I asked the Lord for a sign today and He gave me the sign today.  Thank you, God.  I now know where I should go to serve  the Lord on Christmas Eve this year, to sing God's praises, to serve God with music on that one Midnight Mass, comes only once a year.  Thank you. 

I can only sing in one Midnight Mass during Christmas Eve.  I asked the Lord to give me a sign to show me where I should sing this year's Midnight Mass. Amazing, the answer came shortly after that. 


Follow-Up Notes: I sang at the church in Coppell.  I can upload the music that we did sometimes after this notes later.