Make Rosary

On the first day of each month, we put aside time from our busy schedule to make rosary once a month. Any time of the day, any where you can stop and make one rosary and pray.  Preferably, give it to someone, give it away.  In Giving You Receive.

About us - Our Meetup Group

Come join us the All Rosary Makers Meetup Group and share your passion of making rosaries. We make rosary once a month, pray and give the rosary to someone. See our for updates, resources and information on valuable materials for making rosary. Join us!

Live Streaming Videos: on our own All Rosary Makers YouTube channel Each Month

Videos: We saved some of the Live Streamed videos praying the rosary.  Check it out.

Repair Rosaries: People give us broken rosaries to repair and to give it away once repaired.  It's very nice.  Check out our video on repairing rosaries.

Meetup:  We meet monthly to make rosary.  We meet in person if we can secure a peace and quiet location to meet, pray and make rosary.  Otherwise, we will meet online via Google Hangout or Skype. Check out our calendar monthly for details. We also sing First Friday of each month at noon mass with praying the rosary afterward on First Friday. 

Singing: Yes!  We come together and sing First Friday each month at our local church.  If you like to join us and sing in the little chapel with the congregation for a noon mass on first Friday, be sure to RSVP for the event that you can sing and come sing with us.  Details will be posted on the event calendar for First Friday singing together.  There will be praying the rosary after each  First Friday mass.  

Special Events: Occasionally, we will post invites to events related to Holy Day Obligation, Celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Novena, Señor De Los Milagros and more. 

Contact Organizer: click here if you wish to contact me.


You are welcome to visit our website at

* for a copy of Mother Mary picture in full size

* for a copy of the PDF for print in 8.5" x 11"

* for the story behind our dedication


All Rosary Makers Meeting April 1st, 2011 at Our Office in Las Colinas for Our Monthly Rosary Making

Calling All Rosary Makers!!

Please join us on April 1st, 2011, Friday, from 3:30pm-4:30pm to Make Rosary Together!

Meeting at: Address: old address

Driving Direction: Click here

Cost: FREE

Material: Bring your own, or we supply

Parking: $5, exact change

Yes!!  I'm so looking forward to this rosary making day!!  Have been joyfully, prayerfully, and peacefully making rosary every month for several years now.  Please join us and make your rosary once a month with us!


Goal: Make a rosary, pray and give it to someone.  You'll be surprise how your heart will guide you to give your rosary to someone just the perfect someone to give your rosary to.  you'll see.  Come join us and make your rosary with us.








December 1, 2011, Rosary Makers Get Together and Make Rosary

This is our regular monthly meetup to make rosary together.  From starters to experts, we all can use your help.

We will meet at our office.  Make the rosary and share different techniques and best practices to make good rosary.

We will share the stories of how one family got their children praying the rosary.

Lastly, how rosary started.

Pray and give the rosary that you just made to someone special, someone that you know can use a good and supportive rosary on their shoulder.

Meeting: Rosary Makers Monthly Meeting: December 1, 2011

Date: December 1st - Thursday

Time: 10:30am

Location: DFW Business Network Office

Address: old address

Ask for Aimee's meeting


Supplies: We have supplies available


Cost: Free

Any questions, feel free to contact us.



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December 1st - All Rosary Makers Meetup to Make Rosary

Announcing a new Meetup for All Rosary Makers!

What: December 1st Monthly All Rosary Makers Make Rosary Together  


When: Wednesday, December 1, 2010 11:30 AM

Where: DFW Business Network Office
Address: old address

Come celebrate this wonderful Advent season with us in making rosary, in giving thanks for our new office, and to celebrate the coming Christmas season together on this day, December 1st Wednesday, from 11:30am-1pm.


Yes, we have our new office location in Las Colinas, Irving, Texas, for our monthly - 1st day of the month - for our All Rosary Makers Meetup group to make rosary.  We will be making rosary at our quiet office, in a professional environment, in giving thanks and praise through making our rosary once a month together.

If you are in the Dallas / Ft. Worth areas in Texas, and would like to take a break once a month, in making rosary quietly with us, please RSVP and come join us.

Bring your supplies with you.  We also have extra materials if you need them to make your rosary.  No experience necessary. We will teach you.

Please feel free to upload your pictures of the rosaries that you have made.  

Also, our office can fit 3 more people.  If more RSVP is needed, we can secure a conference room of up to 15 people.  Also, there will be a $5 parking fee from the building management when you come to our office.  It's worth it once a month.

For those of you who are far and can't travel to meet with us, but wish to make rosary, you can do so at the convenience of your home and time.   Still, you can upload and share the photos of the rosaries that you have made or the ones you collected.


All Rosary Makers Meetup Group
Website: <>

RSVP to this Meetup:


Updates: Bernadette is coming to our office on Wednesday with two guests to learn to do the rosary. I booked the conference room for this month. So, if any one interested to come and learn, you are welcome. We can fit up to 10 to 15 max in the conference room. Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday, Dec. 1st.

February 1st 2012 Rosary Makers Day

Awesome!  Made our rosaries today!!  On the 1st of every month, we gather together to make rosary and today, we made another batch of rosary, pray and gave it out.  Here are the pictures of the two I made today.  During the weekly adoration tonight, I prayed and left both rosaries at that chapel. I'm sure someone will pick them up and will go to good use.


January 1st, 2011 - Making Rosary on Solemnity of Mary

Announcing a new Meetup for All Rosary Makers!

What: January 1st Monthly All Rosary Makers Make Rosary Together

When: Saturday, January 1, 2011 11:30 AM

Where: DFW Business Network Office
Address: old address

January 1st is a very special day! It's the Solemnity of Mary, yes!! It was on this day a year ago, I made a commitment to dedicate the 1st of each month in 2010 to make rosary for an hour. Pray and then give the rosary to someone special.

The picture of our Holy Mother's status showing on the homepage of this group was taking on January 1st, 2010 after the 7pm mass for the Solemnity of Mary. The image on my picture was showing a glowing status. It was a confirmation to me enough that I keep up my promise, as the Lord has kept His to us all.

If you are in the Dallas / Ft. Worth areas in Texas, and would like to take a break once a month, in making rosary quietly with us, please RSVP and come join us. We are meeting in our office in Las Colinas, Irving in Texas.

If you're far from us, you are still welcome to join us and make rosary on this once a month special event. Upload your pictures if you have them.

For those who are coming to our office, please feel free to bring your supplies with you. We also have extra materials if you need them to make your rosary. No experience necessary. We will teach you.

For 2011, we will be meeting on the 1st Saturday quietly at our office from 12pm-1pm. Please make note of it.

God bless,

All Rosary Makers Meetup Group

RSVP to this Meetup:

January 1st, 2013, Starting Our 4th Year Since the Day This Wonderful Picture Was Taken

Give thank and Praise!  We're starting our 4th years since the day we've started this site in honor of our Holy Mother.

We will continue to make our rosary on the 1st of each month.

We will continue to post and share our First Friday music selection here.

We will continue to share stories and music with those who wish to know more.

We wish everyone a Wonderful and Happy New Year!


Live Stream Video: Make Rosary November 1, 2016

Make Rosary Google Hangouts

Getting everyone together in one place from all over the world at one time is challenging.  Even my own schedule has backlog all the time.  But still, making time for our Lord Jesus and pray the Rosary is no excuse.  So, starting March 2017, we are going to have online live streaming of our All Rosary Makers day of making rosary.  I will have a place to meet for those who can come and join me in person.  And for those who are far from where we meet, can meet us online via our Google Hangout.  Stay tune for more information.  For now, sign up for our Meetup group here for updates. Thank you.


Making Rosary June 1st!!

It's time to make rosary! June 1st.  It's not to much too ask from a busy day of a busy person's schedule. Go ahead and give it try.  Take one hour out of your day once a month and make that wonderful rosary from  your heart, pray and give back with giving it to someone.

 Feel free to upload your pictures when here when you're done.  Thank you!

March 1st - All Rosary Makers Making Rosary Day!

When: Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Time: 12:00 PM

Who's Organizing: Selected By: Aimee,

Address: old address

Once a month, we meet at our office in Las Colinas in TX to make rosary. Please RSVP so we know you're coming to join us. If you have supplies, feel free to bring them and join us making rosary together. If you do not have any supply, come anyway.

We will show you how to make rosary that you can carry in your pocket, wallet, and some can even be worn around your wrist or arm, and it is still a full rosary.  If you like to learn more where to get your supplies, we will have a list of places to purchase them online, or buy some of the simple material locally.

If you're out of town and in far away land, that's oaky. Just make your rosary and upload the pictures so we can see them.

Any questions, feel free to contact us.



Group Organizer

All Rosary Makers Meetup Group



March 1st 2012 All Rosary Makers Get Together and Make Rosary

It's time to make rosary!!  We are excited about it!!  Yes, it's that time again!  Only once a month, it's all we ask of our faithful and loyal rosary makers, make rosary once a month! it's not too much to ask.

Everyone is always so busy.  Many people have been so blessed over and over again, and yet, many times, many of us became too busy to give back.  Come! Join us! Make a difference!  Make a rosary, pray, and give it to someone.  It's not too much to do.

RSVP now and join us at our office if you can or make it at your convenience, time and place.  Either way, join us and make rosary! 

More Gift: Send us your picture or simply upload your picture of the rosary that you've made to our Meetup group and we'll send you the special picture of our Mother Mary.  It's the size of a business card, and it is laminated!!  It is strong and durable.  It's yours for free.  Just upload a picture of the rosary that you've made.  Send us a self-addressed stamped envelope.  We will put the card in your postage paid self-address envelope.

See you on Rosary Makers Day!!

March 1st Rosary Makers Meetup Day of Making Rosary, Pray and Give It To Someone

Yes, we made our rosary today, March 1st.  The first thing we did when we stepped into our office.

Here are the pictures.  Enjoy it!


rosray-sm-IMAG0198.jpg61.35 KB

May 1st Make Your Rosary with All Rosary Makers

It's that time of the month, make your rosary once a month.  For May, we are making the rosary at our own home, our own time and our own pace.  Since 2010, we have kept this tradition up every month. We have put together instruction and videos on how to make rosaries with rope, wire or elastic, with simple beads, glass beads or every precious metal and gems if you feel the need to make one.  The videos and the instruction will be posted on our  Stay tuned.  As for May 1st, make your rosary and pray.  Any questions, you can always contact me.   Thank you.

Monthly Rosary Makers Meetup: September 1, 2011

When: Thursday, September 1, 2011, 11:30 AM

Where: DFW Business Network Office (driving Direction)

Address: old address


Hello All,

It's time again to meet and make our rosary! We're meeting 11:30am at our office in Las Colinas. 

If you can come join us at 11:30am, please RSVP and come.  There is a parking lot for $5, but I'll get you a voucher for it if you come to our office.

If you are far away or schedule conflict, you can still join us in spirit and can make a rosary on this day with us at wherever you are.

If you can't make it at all, can you make a rosary once a month and share the picture and story online with us?

Hope to see you on the 1st.

Contact me if you have any questions.

Looking forward to sharing photos of the rosaries made!




Organizer of Ten Meetup groups

Rosary Mettup Online -

Our Site:

November 1st Is Here! It's Time to Make Rosray!

Every month for the past several years, we've been making rosary on the 1st of each month. Here, on November 1st, the All Saints Day, we are making our rosary again.  Make it.  Pray with it.  And give it to someone in need.  Feel free to email us a picture of your rosary.  If you like, upload it to our group here.  Let us know if you like to have your rosary picture and/or story be posted here.

You might not think it matters to anyone at all, but you'll be surprise how many people out there appreciate your effort.  Keep praying.  Keep making your rosary.  Keep giving them out to those in need of a rosary. 

You are welcome to make your rosary at any time of the day.  Just make at least one rosary.  Pray with it.  And make a difference in someone's life and give the rosary to someone in need of it.


October 7 - Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary

Early this morning, I received an email from a rosary parts supplier.

October is the month of the rosary, and today (October 7) is the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.

What a wonderful reminder! 

Make more rosary today!!  Pray more rosary!!  It is a wonderful thing to do: make rosary and pray.


Promised To Make Rosary

Sitting here in the garden with Mother Mary statue next to me, the one you see here, reminds me the rosaries that I promised to make and haven't made one for a while. I should be making it soon and post it here. See, we don't promise to do something and don't do it. Especially when that promise was made to the Lord.

Rosary Made for June 2010

Notice I didn't say in the title, June 1st.  My original intent was to make my rosary once a month on the 1st of each month.  However, I got extremely busy this month (no excuse, I know).  On the 3rd of this month, I noticed, the things that I was busy trying to accomplish kept running into road blocks.  Every time I was almost there reaching my goal, I was blocked by this and that.  I was so busy trying to get things done, whatever it was that I needed to get done, no matter what, I was still not able to get it completed because of road blocks.  My projects kept getting delayed and my progress kept getting side tracked.  I was getting closer and closer to my deadline every day. 


I finally turned around and said to my husband.  "I think it's because I put off making the rosary."  I took a deep breath, knowing that every moment that I was away from my project, I was further away from getting it done on time.  But I took one chance, believe it or not, I had to give it a try.  So, I got up, took a chance, and went to get all my rosary making materials.  I sat down and started making my rosary.


"Ding." I heard my computer rang a note.  That was the sound of an email coming through my Outlook.  I wondered if it was the answer I was looking for to complete my project.  So I ran to the computer, in the middle of making the rosary.


Yes!  It was the answer I was looking for, however, the email message came with a question, "But... " the client asked, and that held off my project again.  I replied to the question right away and ran back to finish my rosary.


Finally, I made my rosary for June.  Then, I heard another "Ding.:"  I took a deep breath and went back to my computer.  This time, I saw the answer I was looking for that fulfilled my request to complete the task that I was trying to accomplished.  I made it! 


I went into the room, held the rosary that I made and prayed the rosary completely.  I then put it in my pocket book.  I have to give it away to someone, someone special.  I didn't know who to give the rosary to at that time.  So, I thought of bringing it to the chapel and placing it in Mother's hand.


Next day, June 4th, first Friday of the month, I went by the church, to prepare for the materials needed to sing the First Friday Noon Mass for the First Friday Choir.  It was my first time preparing the music for the First Friday Choir because my friend who was running the First Friday music for the choir got hired for a new job (Thank You, God!). 


I knelt by Mother in the garden and prayed.  I thanked our Lord for his kindness and support.  I thanked the Lord for his patience with me.  I thanked the Lord for giving me a chance and time to finish and to keep my promise making the rosary, the promise I made to the Lord on the 1st day of this year, 2010 in January.  I promised to make a rosary on the first of each month, pray and give it away to someone. 


I did well, until June 1st, I got busy.  I had deadlines to meet.  I had demands on me left and right. I had to get them all done.  Unkind people were saying mean things, strangely mean things to me, several people that I trusted so much, one of whom is a Christian women in leadership.  They all were tied with cash and did not pay for the work I did. 


I took a deep breath and tried to understand.  I must.  I'm a Christian.  I must think with understanding and forgiveness in my heart.  I took a deep breath and moved on.  I leave them in God's hands.  Still, like anyone else, I had my demands that I have to meet.  I had deadlines to meet.  I didn't even go to sleep for a few nights, so I can complete my tasks and meet the demands from all those people.  And, I put off making the rosary. I'm sorry, Lord. Thank You for your forgiveness.


Well, interestingly, looking back, even though I was busy, I got up, got to my rosary making materials.  Got them spread out across the tray on the table.  The first "Ding" came through my computer.  It was the half of the answer that I needed.  I went back to the table and continued making my rosary, finished it and the next "Ding" came through.  I looked, as I finished my rosary.  It was the last 1/2 of my answer that I was looking for.  The final piece of the puzzle that I was waiting so long for during those three days, finally arrived as I finished my rosary.


Dear Lord, I'm sorry that I put You off to the side, when I should have kept my promise, as You kept yours every time.  Thank You for kindness, guidance and forgiving me.


The rosary that I made was a medium size 4mm white beads for Hail Mary and next size beads for Our Father.  All were white beads, except the center piece.  It was a silver rose and the cross is a small crucifix made out of pewter, which I paid a $1 for each pewter crucifix several years ago.  I had to buy a batch of 65 crucifix crosses in a batch, so I did.  So glad I did.


Next day, on June 4th, at the church office, our Monsignor passed by me with a newspaper in his hand talking about something to the person at the reception desk.  The small voice in my heart said, 'Give it to Monsignor."  I thought to myself, "Na, he's not going to like it.  It's a homemade rosary and it's not the best looking rosary.  Na, I don't think so."


"Give it to him."  the small voice in my heart repeated softly.  So, I went up to Monsignor,


"Hi Monsignor, can I give this to you?"  I handed the rosary to him and placed it in his palm.  I looked at the rosary and was hoping Monsignor liked it.


"Wow, it's beautiful!" Monsignor said.  With joy I was surprised, "It is. Thank you."  I was happy.  Monsignor kept looking at it with a admiring smile and still gazed at the rosary.  He then turned to me, looked and said, "Thank you."


"Oh sure, you're welcome.  Pray with it." and I moved on to do my task that I was set out to do in the office.


Two days later, at the Sunday mass.  Monsignor announced that this is his 45 anniversary as a priest.  And that same time next year, he will be retiring and will be moving on to other ministries.


Oh Lord, I understand now, why he was gazing at the rosary.  It was intended for him.   Thank you, Lord, for Your miracle of love and guidance.  Please, dear Lord, let me not worry what people might say or think, but go forth and share the Good News with the world.


Thank you.

Rosary Making Videos

While I'm working on my video for you, I found these great videos on YouTube on how to make rosary.   I like to personally check each one first before posted them here on our Rosary site. 

If you wish to see more, click here and you'll be redirected to YouTube for more rosary.


Rosray Making April 1st 2012

It's that time again.  Yes, it's time to make our rosary.  We scheduled the 1st of each month to make rosary for several years  Join us, wherever you are, join in and make your rosary with us.  It is a very special time that we spend quietly during this once a month moment, dedicated to making rosary.  

What: Make Rosary

When: April 1st, 2012, Sunday

Time: 3:30pm - 4:30pm, or anytime at your convenient

Details: Make one rosary.  Pray and give it to someone special. 


How To: YouTube has very nice videos on making rosary.  I have my being worked on.  When I have them done, i will post it up on YouTube and on this site.

Here's one of the nice videos from YouTube on rosary making.  Enjoy.

You can upload and share your rosary, click here.


September 1st - All Rosary Makers Meetup Group's Rosary Making Day!

It's time to make rosary! Once a month, we're committed to make rosary on the 1st of each month. We also created a website called to captures our stories and pictures of rosaries made on the 1st of each month, as well as during the month.

Please us in action, or in spirit today, as we make our rosary, pray and give it away. That's our commitment and our dedication in this one little task, once a month.

If you make a rosary on the 1st of each month or any other day and would like to show us the pictures, feel free to upload them to this groups site. We select them pictures and put them on our website site - too.

Thanks and have a bless day.

Organizer of All Rosary Makers Group


Today Is The Solemnity of Mary 2012 - Let's Make a Rosaries

It is wonderful to have the opportunity to set up our first Meetup of the year with the celebration of our Mother Mary on the Solemnity of Mary, January 1st.  It was on this day, I learned that we must have Faith. 

It was on January 1st, 1999 when I was driving with my family, to our church in New York one last time before we drove away to our new home in Texas.  As I was driving to church that morning, I was deep in thought, already missing the place I loved so much.  Wondering if it was the right decision to pick up and move like that.  As I was driving, a wonderful song came to my head and I was humming the music, just the music and my heart was singing, just the music, to the song in my head. 

As I was driving, I was thinking how much I would miss my New York.  The song kept singing in my heart.  It was a song which I didn't remember the name of, and still at this moment, don't remember the name of the song. 

But the lyrics, I knew by heart and it was, "The Lord bless you and keep you.  The Lord lift His countenance upon you.  And give you peace, and give you peace.  The Lord make His face to shine upon you.  And be gracious unto you, be gracious.  The Lord be gracious, gracious unto you."  And I just kept humming the tune in my head.  Note, that was my first January 1st mass that I was attending.  I had never attended a mass on January 1st This is the rosary we made today, Jan. 1st, 2012before. 

We stepped into the church with my family, attending just one more mass in our parish, before our long trip driving fours days to Texas.  As the mass started, we stood up, we sang, we sat down, and the first reading started and it said, "The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord let His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you.

I was shocked!  I put my hands over my mouth, burst into tears and covered my face in my jacket; I started crying.  Why?  Do you know why?  It was the words to the song that I was humming and not even knowing that the words to the song was the reading of this most gracious day.  Why did I cry? 

I realized how amazing God is and how he confirmed to me, that He heard my complaints.  He knew my thoughts. He heard my cry.  He loves me.  Do you feel the same?  I realized, it was a confirmation, to me, was definitely a confirmation, that He had plans for us, at least for me.  I know for sure, that was why were were going to Texas. 

I asked questions no more and I accepted my fate, moved forward and moved on.  Looking back in time, it has been 12 years now.  I look back and realize why.  That's another story.  I hope you now can understand why I am so passionate about making rosaries on this day, the 1st of each month, especially on January 1st.

I just checked YouTube and found this song that was singing in my head while I was at our old church.  It is called The Lord Bless You and Keep You (Lutkin).  Enjoy.

Now, before you watch this YouTube video, would you join me today and make rosaries?  It is a Sunday, a day that will be packed with songs to sing from early in the morning to late in the afternoon.  I enjoy my life in our choirs. 

If you would, please, make your rosaries wherever you are today.  Thank you.  Have a Happy New Year!  Be gracious and make your rosaries today.


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