An Easter Present for My Friends

Hi everyone, I have a present for you.  I wrote to a Sister today about the picture and finally told the story in writing for the first time.  So, I thought of sharing it here with you all.

Here you go:

Original is here:

I believe in being humble and not to brag about things.  And so, I said not much to anyone, except created a website dedicated to making rosaries and encouraging people to make them, at least once a month.  One day, on January 1st, 2010, around 8:15pm, after the 7pm mass for the Solemnity of Mary, I was taking pictures of our family by the nativity set by the altar.  And suddenly, I got this urging message, a calling in my heart, urging me to go to the garden.  I didn't want to go because I was busy taking pictures of my family.  The message in my heart got louder and more urging, "Now! Now! Now! Go now!  Go to the garden now and take a picture of Mother Mary. Now!" Reluctantly, I went.

I went to the garden quickly and quickly took my digital camera out of my pocketbook, aimed, snapped and looked to make sure I got a good picture so I can run back to continue taking pictures of my family.  Well, when I looked, I was shocked.  The picture of our Mother has a glow around her.  I took another shot.  It was a white statue.  I continued to click and click and click for more pictures.  They were all white as white as it can be of a white statue.  I kept this story quietly in my heart and created a site with a quiet message for anyone who wants this picture, they can have it and just make sure to give full credit to the site where I have the picture.

About a month and a half ago, while I was standing up there with the choir singing, I got another quiet message: print the picture in a business card size and laminate it and give them out.  Oh no, that means I have to go make a statement where people might reject it.  "Go!" was the message and so I did.  I tried putting my website name on it, and it didn't look right.  I tried putting the website on the back of the card. And again, it didn't look right.  So, I made it blank, just the picture and laminated it.  Every time I pull the picture out of my pocketbook, people want one.  I don't brag.  Just quietly gave it to them.  I shared the story a little, but not bragging.  Last week, a friend, a non-Catholic celebrity came in to my office for a project.  I offered her the card.  She looked at it and cried.  Her boyfriend was looking at the card and asked if he can have one.  Of course, take as many as you want.  He took one too.

Thank you for reading this message.  I felt selfish for hiding this picture for so long.  Please, print it in full color, in 8 1/2" x 11" from a laser color machine.  You'll see how beautiful our Holy Mother is in the picture.  If you wish to have a laminated card, please click here for information and I can send you one too.  If you wish, feel free to print as many as you wish, in any size you want.  Give it to whoever, howsoever you wish.  Sell it too if you like.  I don't want a penny of it.  I was told that I'm not supposed to, but just give it out.  Pray to our Holy Mother about it if you wish.

Please let me know if you like the picture too.

Thank you for your time.  Take care and have a Happy Easter!!