Rosary Stories

Each month, I make the rosary on the 1st, pray and give it away, to the chapel, to someone, to somewhere, mail it, give it, hand it to someone, or leave it in the chapel or by the Holy Mother's in the garden.  Some of the times, we have interesting stories to go with our rosaries.  Other stories will be rosary related.  We share the stories here online.


April 1, 2010 Rosary Made

April 2010 Rosary Made

February 1, 2010 - Rosary Made

The rosary I made on February 1st, Monday, was given to someone very much in need of it.  Interesting; I typed up the story and was ready to share it, proudly, how the rosary was given away.  Well, I had a meeting on the 3rd, I thought maybe I can bring the rosary to the chapel after the meeting.  As I was getting out of my car to the meeting, something came to me to give the rosary to the person I was about to meet for business. So I did.  He is not a Catholic and that doesn't matter.  What matters most is that the rosary was given to someone very much who needed it.



First Rosary Makers Date - January 1st, 2010

Holy Mother's Picture on Solomnity of Mary on January 1st, 2010

You may download and print this image in PDF.  Please remember to give full credit to our Mother Mary on this site.  Thank you.  If you wish to receive this image free, printed on a business card size, laminated, click here for more information.  Here's the story of this picture.


Welcome!   We formed the All Rosary Makers group and this site dedicated to our Holy Mother.  This picture, raw, unedited, was taken after the evening mass on January 1st, 2010, on the day of Solemnity of Mary.

Make More Rosary 2013!

I decided, I'll blog more about our rosary everyday!  It can be a picture blog, a video blog, a prayer, blog, or simply sharing yet another new rosary that we just made; whatever it is, we will share our passion of our rosary, more often than ever before.

It's amazing how our Lord Jesus and our Holy Mother call our attention to their calling, remind us of our faith and service to the Lord, in what He has assigned to us to do.  For me, singing and making rosary are my share of giving back.

This past weekend, I was called to the attention that I need to do more for our Rosary site.  Nice to know that I need to do more and yes I did.

After church yesterday, I spent the remainder of the whole Sunday cleaning up this site and keeping only what this site is for; make rosary!

Stay tuned for more to come from our All Rosary Makers site!!

Welcome 2013!  Thank You Lord for waking me up to my duty on this site.

Thank you!


March 1, 2010 - Rosary Making Day!

This is a very special day.  It is the first day of the month.
It is the perfect day to dedicate an hour to making rosaries, praying the rosary and giving it to someone in need.  You can even leave it at the chapel.  Some one will pick it up and pray.
Since members in this group are at a different levels, I like to start the year with the very basic, cord rosary.
I have a lot of supplies.  You can visit local craft shops and pick up beads.  Crucifixes can be purchased from local Catholic stores or online.  We have a few recommendation on our message board .
Video Instruction:
Our Lady of Rosary Makers has a couple of videos showing you how to make a cord rosary.
Our Own Videos:
Going forward, I will record and video tape my rosary making session, so you can see from basic cord rosary to advanced wire cutting and twisting to make one wire at a time for one bead at a time. It is fun.   It challenges us to dedicate our effort and stay focused.
For those who are locally here in the DFW area in Texas, feel free to contact me.   We can meet up at a location and make rosaries together.
I obtain my supplies from Our Lady of Rosary Maker.
For the Starter Kit to make the cord rosary with plastic crucifix for the Mission Rosary, click here -->
We made a video.   Will post it soon.

New meetup Event for Rosary Makers - July 1st, 2010

we formed a new Meetup event for our Rosary makers. The first of the month is here so it's time to make our rosary once a month, as we always do. I've selected 11am because the system requires us to have a time posted in order to create the event for us.


You can make your rosary anytime of the month, as many times as you wish. You make it at the leisure of your own time, at your own home or meet up with some friends, or with me, locally here in Flower Mound, Texas if you wish.


None the less, make your rosary once a month or as many times each month as you wish. After I make my rosary, I pray, take a picture of it, bring it to our local church and place it in the chapel or give it to a friend or someone we know would appreciate it. You can see the pictures of the rosaries, different every time, here on this website dedicated to our Lady.


All I pray for from our All Rosary Makers group here is to have your commitment to our group, make a rosary, at least once a month. You are welcome to post the pictures of the rosary that you've made, the stories, or even your questions on our message board here or email me the questions. Either way, I just wish you all to see the wonders of making and praying your rosary. It is peaceful and full of wonders.


Thank you for your time and your commitment.


This site  "" is dedicated to keep up the stories of our All Rosary Makers and the resources for the supplies we use.