Receive Our Mother Mary's Card Free

Updates: 8/28/16 - I've updated the mailing address for you to send  your self-addressed stamped envelope to me for a free Mother Mary card.  Once I received your envelope, I will mail the Mother Mary card sealed in your self-addressed stamped envolope.  I will pay for the printing, cuting and laminating. All you need to do, if you wish to have this card, is to send your self-addressed stamped evolope to the mailing address below.  Any questions, feel free to contact me.  Please note, I did receive email requesting for the beautiful card, but without the address to send it to, I won't be able to mail it to you.

Also, please note, this picture has never been edited or manipulated to have such a beautiful light around our Mother Mary's statue.  I adore it and wanted to share it with those who feel the same. Thank  you.

Original message below from 2012

A month ago, while standing at the choir singing, an inspirational message came to my heart. It's to print this beautiful image of our Mother Mary in a small business card size print and laminate it. 

I have this image printed in 8 1/2" x 11" card stock for my folders.  However, every time someone sees it, they would ask for it.  So I've been giving the large card to those who have been asking for it.  The smaller card is so beautiful.  Even my non-Catholic friends have been asking for it.  Some even ask if they can have one for each of their family members.  Of course, and so I printed over 100 and now it is running out in just a few weeks.  I'm planning to print 1,000 of the smaller one and laminate them.  So, I would have enough to give to those who ask.  Here's a small video of the card size I took. 

If you wish to have this small card, I will send it to you free.  You just simply send me your self-address stamped envelope to 1079 W. Round Grove Rd., #300-203, Lewisville, TX  75067 with "attention to All Rosary Makers C/O DFW Business Network."

Any questions, feel free to contact me, click here to send me an email.