Be Not Afraid

From The Inside Out

Yes, it's true that a thousand times we failed, still the Mercy of our Lord is with us.  And yes, though we stumbled again and again, still, His grace catches us.  It's a beautiful song.  So happy to have the opportunity to sing it.  We sung it on the 4th Sunday of Lent.  Here's a copy on YouTube.  Enjoy!

Bilingual - From the inside Out (Desde mi Interior) - with Subtitles

Joel Houston sings 'From The Inside Out' featured on the DVD 'The I-HEART Revolution: With Hearts As One'. 

A few of  my favorite versions of this song are...


The lyric to this wonderufl song written on this YouTube video:


This song sung in Spanish, with the audience singing out to the Lord.



He Healed The Darkness Of My Mind

I sang this song with our choir back in 1999 and a couple of times after that, whenever the Sunday reading comes up to the story of the man born blind, but was healed by Jesus.  The words touched my heart for years.  However, this song was not picked by our other new music director for eight years, until now.  Our new (actually old, 28 years ago, she started this choir, moved on, came back, gone again for other reason, and now, back again to stay!) music director is picking this song to be sung this Sunday, April 3rd, 2011,  I prayed for years to sing this song again.  Guess what, I am selected to cantor this song this Sunday, April 3rd!  Oh, Lord, I pray that I do a great job sing it for You! After waited 8 years and prayed every year to sing it again.   

Listen to the words.

It is a very beautiful song. Enjoy it!

 Song: He Healed The Darkness of My Mind

Text: John 9; Fred Pratt Green, b.1903, (c) 1982, Hope Publishing Co.

Tune: ARLINGTON, LM; David Hass, b.1957, (c) 1988, GIA Publishing, Inc.


Holy Is His Name, by John Michael Talbot and sung by in thhis video

Hymnal and Music on YouTube

In The Breaking of the Bread, Song Selection for First Friday of June 7, 2103, Solemnity of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

 From our previous blog on the subject of selecting songs for First Friday June 7, 2103 music, I've chosen three songs.  Two very simple ones for the congration, for opening and closing.  For communion, we've selected In The Breaking of the Bread.  Check out these videos below for some of the singing on YouTube.


Los Angeles Religious Education Congress 2012

REC 2012 | Celtic Mass | Saturday 5:15pm

(1 hour and 47 minutes)



Published on Mar 26, 2012

Celtic Mass, Live from the Arena
Presider: Fr. Joe McDermott
Music by: Liam Lawton, Chris De Silva & Tony Alonso



Mass Of Creation (original) by Marty Haugen

Mass Setting

 There are several Mass setting that I've sung throughout the years.  Since the changes in 2010, we have learn the new mass parts and to know them by heart in order to sing and guide the congragation.  Here are a few that I've learned and sung since.  Enjoy.



A Community Mass Revised

By Richard Proulx


Mass From Age to Age

 By Chris de Silva 

Mass of Angels and Saints

By Steven R. Janco

Mass of Renewal

By Curtis Stephen

Revised Celtic Mass

By Christopher Walker

Revised Mass of God's Promise

By Dan Schutte

Revised Mass of Light

By David Haas

Sing Praise and Thanksgiving Mass

By J. Michael Joncas

Mass of Creation (Revised 2010) by Marty Haugen

Music for July 17, the 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

 I cantor this Sunday. 

July 17, the 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time
G: Gather Us In/GATHER 744
Glory to God: A Joyful Gloria/M-27
(Listen Sample)
Psalm 103: The Lord is Kind and Merciful/GATHER 100
Gosp Accl: Alleluia, Raise the Gospel/M-21
P: Instrumental – Piano’s Choice
Acclamations: Mass of the Angels & Saints/M-25
Lamb of God: Mass of the Angels & Saints/M-25
C1: Look Beyond/GATHER 843
(Listen on Youtube)
C2: The Cry of the Poor/GATHER 48

This choir, wherever they are, is a beautiful choir.  The sang this song just the way it should be sang!  A woman with a baby in her arm and all sang together beautifully. 


S:    We Are Called/GATHER 718
(Listen on YouTube)


 ** Mass of Angels and Saints (click to listen on YouTube)



Music for July 31, the 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Next time I cantor will be the following:



July 31/18th Sunday in Ordinary Time
G: All Are Welcome/GATHER 753
(Listen on YouTube)
Glory to God: A Joyful Gloria/M-27
Psalm 145: I Will Praise Your Name/GATHER 137
(Listen on YouTube)
Gosp Accl: Halle, Halle, Halle/GATHER 259
P: Come to the Water/GATHER 502
(Listen On YouTube)
Acclamations: Mass of the Angels & Saints/M-25
Lamb of God: Mass of the Angels & Saints/M-25
C1: I Am the Bread of Life/GATHER 828
(Listen on YouTube)
C2: Lord, When You Came/GATHER 696
S:    Be Not Afraid/GATHER 638


Music for Lent

Songs I Sang Over the Years and Here Are a Few of My Favorites Songs That I've Ever Sung

Here are the few of my favorite songs that I've ever sung for my Lord Jesus. As I remember and found that online, I'll share them here with you.  Enjoy!


Mary Did You Know


For the one we sang, conducted by Kevin Keil, my favorite composer and director that I've ever learn to sing the most from.  Kevin is awesome!  He truly cares about his choir, his church and our Lord Jesus.  He doesn't discourage you from singing, but encourage and support, teach and guide you to be your best.  Bless his heart. 

Click here for a copy of the cover of the octavo that we sang from and the descant part that I sang, under the direction of Kevin Keil. 


Suor Cristina / Sister Cristina Singing Like A Virgin, a Song from Her Album "Sister Cristina" Release Date Nov. 10, 2014