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Come join us the All Rosary Makers Meetup Group and share your passion of making rosaries. We make rosary once a month, pray and give the rosary to someone. See our for updates, resources and information on valuable materials for making rosary. Join us!

Live Streaming Videos: on our own All Rosary Makers YouTube channel Each Month

Videos: We saved some of the Live Streamed videos praying the rosary.  Check it out.

Repair Rosaries: People give us broken rosaries to repair and to give it away once repaired.  It's very nice.  Check out our video on repairing rosaries.

Meetup:  We meet monthly to make rosary.  We meet in person if we can secure a peace and quiet location to meet, pray and make rosary.  Otherwise, we will meet online via Google Hangout or Skype. Check out our calendar monthly for details. We also sing First Friday of each month at noon mass with praying the rosary afterward on First Friday. 

Singing: Yes!  We come together and sing First Friday each month at our local church.  If you like to join us and sing in the little chapel with the congregation for a noon mass on first Friday, be sure to RSVP for the event that you can sing and come sing with us.  Details will be posted on the event calendar for First Friday singing together.  There will be praying the rosary after each  First Friday mass.  

Special Events: Occasionally, we will post invites to events related to Holy Day Obligation, Celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Novena, Señor De Los Milagros and more. 

Contact Organizer: click here if you wish to contact me.


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Christmas Miracles

Fixing the Rosaries

We fix broken rosary. 

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