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It is wonderful to have the opportunity to set up our first Meetup of the year with the celebration of our Mother Mary on the Solemnity of Mary, January 1st.  It was on this day, I learned that we must have Faith. 

It was on January 1st, 1999 when I was driving with my family, to our church in New York one last time before we drove away to our new home in Texas.  As I was driving to church that morning, I was deep in thought, already missing the place I loved so much.  Wondering if it was the right decision to pick up and move like that.  As I was driving, a wonderful song came to my head and I was humming the music, just the music and my heart was singing, just the music, to the song in my head. 

As I was driving, I was thinking how much I would miss my New York.  The song kept singing in my heart.  It was a song which I didn't remember the name of, and still at this moment, don't remember the name of the song. 

But the lyrics, I knew by heart and it was, "The Lord bless you and keep you.  The Lord lift His countenance upon you.  And give you peace, and give you peace.  The Lord make His face to shine upon you.  And be gracious unto you, be gracious.  The Lord be gracious, gracious unto you."  And I just kept humming the tune in my head.  Note, that was my first January 1st mass that I was attending.  I had never attended a mass on January 1st This is the rosary we made today, Jan. 1st, 2012before. 

We stepped into the church with my family, attending just one more mass in our parish, before our long trip driving fours days to Texas.  As the mass started, we stood up, we sang, we sat down, and the first reading started and it said, "The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord let His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you.

I was shocked!  I put my hands over my mouth, burst into tears and covered my face in my jacket; I started crying.  Why?  Do you know why?  It was the words to the song that I was humming and not even knowing that the words to the song was the reading of this most gracious day.  Why did I cry? 

I realized how amazing God is and how he confirmed to me, that He heard my complaints.  He knew my thoughts. He heard my cry.  He loves me.  Do you feel the same?  I realized, it was a confirmation, to me, was definitely a confirmation, that He had plans for us, at least for me.  I know for sure, that was why were were going to Texas. 

I asked questions no more and I accepted my fate, moved forward and moved on.  Looking back in time, it has been 12 years now.  I look back and realize why.  That's another story.  I hope you now can understand why I am so passionate about making rosaries on this day, the 1st of each month, especially on January 1st.

I just checked YouTube and found this song that was singing in my head while I was at our old church.  It is called The Lord Bless You and Keep You (Lutkin).  Enjoy.

Now, before you watch this YouTube video, would you join me today and make rosaries?  It is a Sunday, a day that will be packed with songs to sing from early in the morning to late in the afternoon.  I enjoy my life in our choirs. 

If you would, please, make your rosaries wherever you are today.  Thank you.  Have a Happy New Year!  Be gracious and make your rosaries today.


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