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This is a very special day. It is the first day of the year.  According to my calendar, it is called, "The Octave Day of Christmas, The Blessed Virgin Mary, The Mother of God, a Holy Day of Obligation."
It is the perfect day to dedicate an hour to making rosaries, praying the rosary and giving it to someone in need.  You can even leave it at the chapel.  Some one will pick it up and pray.  Since we all are at a different levels, I like to start the year with the very basic, cord rosary.
I have a lot of supplies.  You can visit local craft shops and pick up beads.  Crucifixes can be purchased from local Catholic stores or online.  We have a few recommendation on our message board .
Video Instruction:
Our Lady of Rosary Makers has a couple of videos showing you how to make a cord rosary.
 (Coming soon)
Our Own Videos:
Going forward, I will record and video tape one of my rosary making sessions, so you can see from basic cord rosary to advance wire cutting and twisting to make one wire at a time for one bead at a time.  It is fun.  It challenges us to dedicate our efforts and stay focused.
For those who are locally here in the Dallas - Ft. Worth area of Texas, feel free to contact me.  We can meet up at a location and make rosaries together.
I obtain my supplies from Our Lady of Rosary Maker.
For the Starter Kit to make the cord rosary with plastic crucifix for the Mission Rosary, click here.


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